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Electricians in Peel Region

The need for electricians in peel region

Peel region development is famous because of the event, living standards and services available and huge ethnicities. There are vast numbers of commercial enterprises to service different ethnicities. Electricity is a vital factor for these services. Enter Status Electrotech: we are the best choice for companies looking for an electrician in the Peel region. We offer a wide array of services, including troubleshooting, renovations, upgrades, maintenance and more.

Electrical Safety Authority is a Licensing Department that gives a license in the state of Ontario for this trade. We, as one of the skilled trades services in the Peel region, is certified by the ESA.

Industrial and commercial infrastructure.

We sell a wide variety of commercial electrical parts. Our electricians are skilled and can manage specialized enterprises, including restaurants, manufacturing units, medical facilities, office spaces, as well as a range of buildings and construction sites in the Peel region. We also provide electrical accessories for emergency lighting and backup equipment for batteries, exit lighting systems, exhaust fans and panels.

Additionally, we aim to have the best-specialized lighting possible at Status ElectroTech. Our team offers a variety of customized solutions that save energy. Our team is trained to install a type of light, including line and low voltage, underground cabling, and automatic lighting controls. We also sell custom luminous landscape lighting. As a final point, we recognize the benefits of making it aesthetically pleasing to your company. 

Status Electrotech further recognizes the need for routine electrical maintenance. In this area, we offer services aimed at providing creative, long-lasting, healthy solutions for lasting life for your lighting. Our team is skillful in lightning maintenance. To explain this, it involves sodium from high pressure; neon lights; fluorescent signs; metal, among others, hides lightning. Besides, we also provide services to repair lamp covers & ballast replacements. Last but not least, competent and experienced with both commercial and industrial building security standards, this allows us to provide the best possible safety inspections.

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