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The Best Electrician in Mississauga

As Canada’s sixth largest city, and as part of the GTA, Mississauga is home for thousands of commercial and industrial businesses. Thousands of commercial and industrial businesses need the top-quality electrical services. At Status Electrotech, we offer the best choice for commercial and industrial businesses looking for an electrician in Mississauga. Furthermore, we have highly skilled, professional, and experienced team who offer various services including installing generators, landscape lightning, among other services.

Commercial and Industrial Services in Mississauga

Firstly, Stratus Electrotech has a team of certified electricians ready to help businesses provide best service possible. From restaurants, to office spaces, and medical offices, our team can work in a variety of outdoor and indoor locations to deliver customer’s needs. Furthermore, our electricians also services with anyone who is going through any form of construction and renovation. Lastly, we also offer other services including exit lightning systems, exhaust fans, etc.

Commercial and Industrial Lighting

Status Electrotech is skilled in offering energy-saving and excellent customer solutions. This includes applying our skills at underground wiring; automated lightning controls; and line & low voltage. Additionally, we also offer customized indoor and outdoor solutions to any business looking for that.

Commercial and Industrial Maintenance and Safety

Additionally, we recognize the importance for businesses to have well maintained and safe electrical systems. We are skilled and specialized in maintaining various forms of lighting. This is evident by our skills in high-pressure sodium; metal-hide lighting; fluorescent signs, etc. Furthermore, the Electrical Safety Authority, Ontario’s leading electrical safety authority has certified our company, something we are proud at. Additionally, we also are knowledgeable in the safety standards for both commercial and industrial codes, allowing for the best of safety inspections.

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