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The Best Electricians in Scarborough

Status Electrotech is the best option for you if you want an electrician in Scarborough. Moreover, for nearly a decade, we have been supplying electrical services to commercial and industrial businesses all over the GTA, including Scarborough.

We are comprised of individuals who are extremely skilled, and experienced professionals who solve problems as quickly, and efficiently as possible. Additionally, we provide services including lighting, installation of back-up generators, and more

Commercial and Industrial Services

Firstly, our electricians are certified and well-trained to deliver the best service delivery for our customers. . We can work in a variety of different spaces, including restaurants; medical offices; and office spaces. Furthermore,  we also offer services for any businesses undergoing construction and renovation. Lastly, our additional services include working on exhaust fans, panels, exit lighting systems, etc.

Commercial and Industrial Maintenance

At Status Electrotech, we are happy to state that we are certified by the Electrical Safety Agency of Ontario, the provincial head for electrical safety. This distinguishes us from our competitors, as it allows us to provide as best of safety inspections. More importantly, our electricians are also knowledgeable on the safety regulations. To conclude, we maintain various forms of lighting. This includes metal-hide lighting; high-pressure sodium; neon lights; and fluorescent lights. Our electricians are also experienced in doing replacements, such as lamp and ballast replacements

Commercial and Industrial Lighting

To conclude, our services in this area include low and line voltage; automated lighting; and underground wiring.We are also offering the service called landscape lighting. We recognize customers that customers want aesthetically pleasing lighting to decorate their venues, etc. That is why we also offer customized lighting solutions for both indoor and outdoor areas.

Lastly, to find out more about Status Electrotech and the services we provide, do not hesitate to contact us.

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