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Need an Electrician in Richmond Hill?

The Best Electricians in Richmond Hill

Are you looking for a good company that offers high quality electrical service & good customer service? Do you want to your electrical service provider after a bad experience? At Status Eletrotech, we have been working for years looking to demonstrate and show that we are the best company for commercial and industrial businesses looking for an electrician in Richmond Hill. Some of our services include but not limited to installing generators, landscaping lightning.

Commercial and Industrial Services in Richmond Hill

Firstly, Status Electrotech has certified, trained, electricians ready solve a commercial or industrial businesses’ problem. From office spaces, to restaurants, to medical offices, and office spaces, our team is extremely skilled, experienced, competent ,and knowledgeable. Furthermore, we offer services for business that are going through both construction and renovation. Lastly, some additional services we provide include: as exit lighting systems, exhaust fans, installation of back-up generators, etc.

Commercial & Industrial Maintenance & Safety

Electrician in Richmond HillAdditionally, we are proud to state we are certified by the Electrical Safety Agency of Ontario, the province’s leading electrical safety body. Our team is both experienced, knowledgeable of the safety standards that are required to be adhered to for commercial and industrial businesses, allowing for the best of safety inspections. Lastly, we can maintain various forms of lighting. To illustrate this, it includes neon lights; fluorescent lights; high-pressure sodium, metal hide lighting, etc. Lastly, also replace lights including lamp and ballast replacements.

Commercial & Industrial Lighting

Lastly, we work to provide the best lighting possible through specialized, customized energy-saving solutions. This is shown by some of our services which include: line and low voltage; automated lighting controls, and underground wiring, etc. Furthermore, our team offers landscape lighting, which we can customize for both indoor, and outdoor areas.

To find out more about Status Electrotech and the services we provide, do not hesitate to contact us.