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Why Are We The Best Electrician in Simcoe?

The Best Electricians in Simcoe!

Status Electrotech is the best electrician in Simcoe because we have collected a diverse portfolio by offering our services all over the GTA. We have had experiences with all different types of people and projects. As homeowners ourselves, we use our experiences to work to your advantage. We take our time to work closely with you to help you achieve your needs and wants.

We have worked with property managers, architects, builders, business owners, and general contractors on various types of lighting maintenance projects. Additionally we have been authorized by the ESA. Which means we can help you attain any electrical permits, perform work and inspections for your establishment.

Commercial and Industrial Services in Simcoe.

Our services improve industrial and commercial lighting by helping you save energy and money. Our team can provide you with a variety of services as we have worked with a diverse amount of businesses. Just to name a few we have worked with restaurants, industrial units, medical offices, and on renovation projects.

Status Electrotech has had experience putting up emergency lights, battery back up units, exit lighting systems and the list goes on. You can trust that we are the best electricians in Simcoe by taking a look at our clients’ testimonials.

The Best Commercial and Industrial Lighting Electrician In Simcoe.

Our team aims to giving you your ideal personalized lighting systems. We aim for all our lighting systems to be energy saving, which is beneficial to the earth and your pocket. Furthermore we can provide low voltage; line wring, underground wiring, and automated lighting control systems. Our team understands the aesthetics and advantages of having your electrical lighting look seamless within your business.

Commercial and Industrial and Maintenance and Safety

At Status Electrotech we understand the need for regular electrical maintenance. Meaning we aim to leave you with long-lasting, innovative, and safe solutions, to ensure a long life span. Status Electrotech is very skilled in light maintenance, such as fluorescent signs, neon lights, metal hide lighting, and so much more. Furthermore have had experience with both industrial and commercial safety codes, we can deliver you the most effective and progressive safety inspections in Simoce. Status Electrotech will be your best option when choosing your electrician in Simcoe.

That's not all the services we offer